What Human Rights Violations Has Israel Committed Against Palestine?

The Israel and Palestine conflict can be a difficult thing to explore and understand, no matter who you are or what it is that you’re trying to do with your life. But, there are a number of things that you can look at here in order to get a better understand with the process.

There have been many organizations that have tried to stand up against Israel because of their treatment of people who live within the country of Palestine. And, there is a lot of proof that the country has committed a number of human rights violations. Here is a quick look at some of the human rights violations that Israel has committed over time.

Unlawful Killings

There have been a number of Palestinians killed over the years of the conflict in Palestine. Whether they have bombed schools, killed people for minor offenses, or committed mass war crimes and genocide of the Palestinian people, it’s a big deal and it’s something that needs to be addressed by the national community at large. It’s continuing to go on as time goes on, and that could result in losing the lives of many more people if it isn’t stopped.

Illegal Settlements

Overrunning and seizing land that wasn’t meant for the Israelis has been a very big issue in many contexts. The fact of the matter is, Israel keeps encroaching on the land that was set aside for the Palestinians, including the holy land of the different groups that reside in Palestine. If you look at maps from over the years about what land is considered Palestine, you will find that they keep losing more and more.

Movement Restrictions

There is so much to worry about here, but one of the biggest concerns is that Palestinians have to be very careful when it comes to where they can go and how they move from place to place. Many Palestinians can only move in certain areas at certain times of the day, or days of the week, and they are still harassed and mistreated during those times anyway.

Abusive Detentions

People who are put in jail and are not treated as they should be. Many prisoners are not getting food and water while being beaten and mistreated by the guards that are in the facilities. The facilities are crowded and unsanitary, and in short, the detention periods are way too long for the supposed crimes in question. The entire Israeli justice system in regards to Palestinians is cruel and unusual, and it just adds to the genocide that has been happening in this region for years.

As you can see, there is a lot of injustice here and there’s a lot to be said when it comes to these processes in question. Take some time to read about it on your own and to learn as much as possible about why this matters to you and the people around you. As time goes on, you will be able to put together your own ideas and to work out exactly what role you can play against the injustices as well.


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