Why We Should Care About Israel’s Treatment of Palestine

Palestine and Israel have had issues for many years and, because of that, many people have just assumed that they are eventually going to fix it. But, as time goes on, it’s really sad to see just how much that the Israeli military and government are doing in order to prevent the Palestinians from thriving and moving forward.

The fact is, this has significant implications for those of the rest of the world. There are so many problems in this region and it’s affecting our entire world in different ways. Here’s a quick look at a few reasons.

Olive Trees

Olives are incredibly difficult to grow and it takes a long time for an olive tree to be fruitful. Some olive trees live for hundreds, even thousands of years, and it’s hard to keep them in the best shape possible.

Israel has stolen a lot of land from Palestine, and some of that has been olive tree orchards, making it hard for families that have grown olives for generations to be able to thrive.

Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians are In Exile

There are Palestinian refugees throughout the world because they literally have nowhere that they can go within the country. They may be leaving so that they can have a better place for their family to be raised or they may on the run from the unjust laws that Israel has put into place. Either way, there are many refugees throughout the world that we should be paying attention to and helping when we can.

Human Rights Violations Continue to Increase in Number and Intensity

Violations of human rights include war crimes, unjust deaths, and more. And Israel continues to increase how they do it and what they are doing to hurt the country and its people.

These violations will continue to cause deaths and refugees, and it will just end up being that much more difficult for us to deal with the problems that come up. We need to work toward solutions that can help Palestine and allow the countries and their peoples to live in harmony with one another.

They Are Human

Above all else, it’s important to see that Palestinians, like everyone else in our world, are human. These are real people that are being treated differently based on outdated beliefs, and it has become a very big problem throughout the region and into the world. We should be concerned because they are human and deserve to be treated with the same unalienable rights as the rest of us.

Learn about these conflicts and see what is going on here. There is so much that we need to learn and know that it’s vital that we work out how we can play a role in alleviating the pain and pressure that Palestine is going through regularly. It really is affecting our world in negative ways and we need to do something to help these people out.


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